The "Disney Fairies" is an adaptaion if the big hit called "Peter Pan". Now, the Disney Fairies has it's own set of film series, which is a main release on "Disney DVD" and "Disney Blue-Ray".

The FairiesEdit

There are six main fairies of the film series of the "Disney Fairies". They are; Tinkerbell, Rosetta, Idriessa, Silvermist, and Fawn.


Tinkerbell is a "Tinker Fairy". In the "Peter Pan" series, she develops and interest in Peter, and develops a hate in Wendy and her daugther Jane. But, in the movie, "Hook". She finals reveals her feelings for Peter.


Rosetta is a "Garden Fairy". She also is the "Fashion Fairy" of the main six fairies of the "Disney Fairies". Unlike, Tinkerbell. Rosetta's first appearance on the "Disney Channel" is the very first "Tinkerbell Movie".


Idriessa is a "Light Fairy". Her first appearance on the "Disney Channel" is the "Tinkerbell Movie". In the first movie, Idriessa first disagreed on the idea of Tinkerbell changing her talent just to go to the main land.


Silvermist is a "Water Fairy", who is a close friend on Tinkerbell. She lived in "Pixie Hollow" longer than, Tinkerbell has. But, we don't know yet. How she came to be living in "Pixie Hollow".


Fawn is an "Animal Fairy". She's named to a Latina by wikipedia.